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1. YOUTUBE BOOMING :- In 2020 to 2030, YouTube has redefined how business functions. Companies are frantically looking for reliable social media handles to manage their advertising through YouTube. A good You Tuber is one who targets potential users and audience through innovative videos and new promotional techniques. The market is flooded with YouTube channels. There is lot of social media platform are there where you can earn money without any more investments.

YouTube: - If you are lover of YouTube channel, there is lot of channels are running currently. You can EARN by posting video. Most of the new comers don’t know how to make money online in social media. Don’t worry if you have not any knowledge in Digital Marketing. You can start career with YouTube. Find the niche / Topic w

which you have interested and target the audience. Might be it take some time to earn money, but if you have create some useful or good videos, definitely you can generate traffic on your channel. Make sure doing some unique and innovative videos so that public will like and support you channel. Within 6 months you can get surely results on YouTube.


Photography is a business in itself. A photographer is always in demand in personal as well as professional life. Whether there is a seminar, wedding functions, promotions, book launches or exhibitions everywhere. If you have a great passion in photographic than this is also the best method you can EARN Money.

Now a day there is lot of companies provide online platform for the photographers. If you have a caliber, than so many opportunities waiting for you in this sector.

On Your Own Website

· You can set your own prices.

· No one else takes a cut.

· You have 100% control over how to display your photos.

· You can set your own terms and conditions.

· In short, YOU’RE in control!

Adobe Stock is a stock photo marketplace by the maker of the most popular photo editing software solutions, including Photoshop and Light room. This platform known to be the very first online marketplace to sell photos.

Shutterstock has been a popular site to buy stock photos online. They have over million images, videos, and music for folks to purchase and its royalty is totally free, which also means they have millions of customers who are ready to pay good amount for your photos.

Alamy is another a most popular platform on which to sell stock photos, images, videos, and music for folks to purchase because it doesn’t have any hard and fast rules And you have EARN very good amount .

500 px is an online marketplace, that helps to create portfolio of your photos , images . After you add it to your site, the chances becomes high to earn money.

PhotoShelter is an online shop to sell and deliver prints to the clients. They allow you to set up your template for sharing the photos and EARN money.

Ad Agency

On Internet, there are lots of advertisers and publishers. Advertisers are those companies who can promoting their products or services and publishers are the website owners , where they display these products and services shown. If you are good in communicating with people .You can start EARN money.

Create a list of publishers and get a quote. And now get in touch with advertisers and give them good offers in a package. This is a both side win-win situation for everyone. For this business, setup a website and an email address. Now pick you phone or email and start taking steps. For Example Just Dial and many more small companies in market

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